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February 11, 2022
This is a full-time position, in 180-day increments as an independent contractor.

Are you an experienced and ambitious Analyst looking for a new challenge and an opportunity

to advance your career?

If you are able to source (don’t worry, you won’t be cold calling), analyze, and perform the

dispositions of deals, we have the perfect opportunity for you.

We are looking for a detailed Analyst to source and analyze on-market and off-market Short

Term Rentals for our clients.

We’re Team Kekoa, the one-stop-shop for new investors

We’re agents who broker deals for our investor clients in Washington, Las Vegas,
Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and the Poconos Mountains. We help our clients source, analyze, and negotiate long/short-term rentals. This can a multifamily property as small as a duplex to as large as a 450+ unit apartment portfolio. When it comes to short term rentals, we focus on highly sought out destinations such as weekend getaway areas in the mountains or on the coast. We believe that by sharing our personal
investing experiences while simultaneously walking along each step of the way with our clients, we can inspire more investors to break into Real Estate Investing to truly earn passive income.

Even though multifamily is our main pillar of long term rental investment properties, we’ve noticed an increased
demand for Short Term Rentals. This demand has led us to begin building a new team to
meet our clients needs.

We’re seeking an Analyst who is highly detail oriented, aggressive in moving quickly, and
excellent in proactively sharing opportunities with our clients.

Read on to see if you align with our culture, will produce the results we need, and have
the skills we require.

Our Culture and Values

Our organizational values are the backbone of everything we offer at Team Kekoa. Our culture
is one of continuous adaptability, growth, innovation, and rising to the challenge. Our values are
listed below:

● Have a growth mindset: Constantly innovate, improve, and grow as a human being and
as a member of our team.
● Take ownership: Take responsibility for your job outcomes and contribute to achieving
the best possible results for Team Kekoa, moving the company closer to our shared
vision and goals.
● Be mission-driven: Care about our clients and their aspirations and use this emotional
connection in daily decision making to maximize their experience.

Key Roles of an Analyst:

● Source properties on market and off market (don’t worry, you’re not cold calling).
● Analyze properties using our models and package them up for the disposition of them.
● Proactively share deals with our clients to encourage them to write up an offer or share
why the deal may not be a best fit.
● Answer all questions, comments, thoughts, and concerns about the underwriting of deals
before, during, and after closing on a deal.

Key Outcomes of an Analyst

1. Have a phone call with all clients that are interested in a deal. The intent is to encourage
them to write up an offer, share with them why they may not be the right buyer for this
deal or present questions that they have not thought of.
2. Source, analyze, and send out 10 new deals every week across all current markets
using all of our current procedures consistently.
3. Join a weekly one-on-one review call to share feedback on what went well, what didn’t
go well, what do we change moving forward, and what do we keep moving forward.
4. Maintain the Deal Tracker by correctly categorizing deals throughout their progress in
the deal tracker as soon as possible all the way through an offer being written up.
Include notes within each deal about the context surrounding what is currently
happening and what is needed moving forward.

You’re the Right Fit If:

Consistency: You have the utmost appreciation for maintaining rigid consistency. A
majority of the Analyst’s role is focused on executing the systems in place to the ‘t’ in
order to execute on the overall mission.
Engineering New Systems: While consistency is the most important aspect of the role, a
close second is always being open to improvement and adapting the systems in place to
conform to the ever changing tides. There is never a perfect system and being able to
locate defects and implement a new course of action to mitigate risk is the name of the
game when working for a high-growth company such as ours.

Proactively Aggressive: your ability to take charge and follow through on requests from
clients in a timely manner related to deals is a key attribute for a successful Analyst.
Excellent Communication: your ability to over-communicate will ensure that nothing slips
through the cracks and that all questions are answered from clients interested in a deal.

Thinking this gig is tailor-made for you? Read on to learn more.
Core Competencies:

1. Timely follow-through on all requests aside from your main daily objectives

a. The timely response should either be explaining why what was said was
incorrect, clarifying what is being requested, or executing the task.

2. Respond to all inquiries about deals in a timely matter

a. The Analyst will be the main point of contact for all questions, thoughts,
comments, or concerns regarding a deal either during initial disposition, while
under contract or after closing.

3. Aggressiveness

a. Moves quickly and takes a forceful stand without being overly abrasive.

4. Honesty/Integrity

a. Does not cut corners ethically. Earns trust and maintains confidence. Does what
is right, not just what is politically expedient. Speaks plainly and truthfully.

5. Attention to detail

a. Does not let important details slip through the cracks.

6. Flexibility and adaptability

a. Adjusts quickly to changing priorities and conditions. Copes effectively with
complexity and change.

7. Openness to criticism and ideas

a. Often solicits feedback and reacts calmly to criticism or negative feedback.

8. Communication

a. Speaks and writes clearly and articulately without being overly verbose or
talkative. Maintains this standard in all forms of written communication.

9. Enthusiasm

a. Exhibits passion and excitement over work. Has a can-do attitude.

Your application will only be considered complete when you have completed the
following three tasks:

Task 1:
Upload your resume.

Task 2 (upload results to your Indeed application):
Complete the DISC profile: (DISC assessment:

Why the required assessment?

We use the DISC profile to help guide us in making sure the job outcomes required for this
position are a natural fit for your personality and communication style as well as to help us
better understand how to work with you if/when you are brought on as a member of our team.

Task 3: Interview Task (upload PDF to your Indeed application)
Interview Tasks: Mini projects that are a key component of the hiring process, designed to
demonstrate a candidate’s aptitude, thought/creative process, and talent.

Interview Tasks

Team Kekoa prides itself on self-imposed innovation from every member of the team. The ability
to grow isn’t just a matter of being efficient but also a matter of being highly adaptable.

As an Analyst, your role will be to execute on the current systems in place, but to
also achieve the standard of challenging the status quo on a never ending basis.
With this in mind, feel free to answer the following questions:

1. What have been some of your most significant innovations within your most recent role?
a. What problems did you identify?
b. What steps did you take to solve this?

2. What are you not consistent with?

3. Optimists are said to be too stuck in their ways while Pessimists are said to change their
ways too quickly. Which one are you?

Team Kekoa will only move forward with candidates who have complete applications.

● Hours: Full-Time (Monday - Friday with potential requests on the weekend)
● Job Type: Independent Contractor
● Contract Length: 180 days
● Job Location: Remote
● Travel: Occasionally (employee retreats once a year)
● Reason for Opening: Building a new division
● Pay: Compensation commensurate with experience
● PTO: 5 business days a year
● Holidays: All US recognized holidays
● Our hiring process includes three rounds of interviews

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