Q2 2022 Market Update

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  • 📑 Marcus & Millichap's Top 48 Markets Q2 2022 Report
  • 📲 Our Favorite Twitter Real Estate Follows


Marcus & Millichap's Top 48 Markets Q2 2022 Report

If you're not familiar with Marcus & Millichap, they're a nationwide real estate brokerage, mortgage brokerage, research, and advisory company.

Basically, they're the top dogs of the Real Estate world that work with companies like Black Rock.

They just released their Q2 2022 Top 48 Markets Report which had some pretty interesting things to say.

Here are the highlights of all the markets we operate in...

#1 Seattle-Tacoma
- This year alone, over 90,000 jobs will be created after a recording-breaking year of bringing in 102,600 jobs last year
- Rent is expected to rise 9.9% this year alone marking a record high for the metro
- Rent has increased 14.0% Y-O-Y

#2 Las Vegas
- Since the onset of last year, trades involving properties with more than 100 units have accounted for half of the overall deal flow
- Rent has increased a whopping 24.6% Y-O-Y
- Rent is expected to increase an additional 9.2% in 2022

#3 Dallas-Fort Worth
- Thie year alone, DFW is expecting 150,000 jobs to be created which ranks #1 in the United States for jobs added on a net basis since the onset of the pandemic
- Rent is expected to increase 10.2% in 2022
- Rent increased 19.4% Y-O-Y

This is Marcus and Millichap... yep, they're real.

Our Favorite Twitter Real Estate Follows

If you're on Twitter, it can be pretty noisy if you're not following the right people who are just prancing around dropping gems all day.

These are OUR favorite people to follow to do just that...

Drop gems 💎

Moses Kagan (Twitter)

Owns ~ 50 apartment buildings in Los Angeles and manages another 60 since 2008. He's pretty cool because he NEVER sells, but only does cash-out refinances for liquidity.

Just a good old gem 💎

Nick Huber (Twitter)

Over the last 36 months, he and his partner have: Sourced, financed, and acquired $64mm worth of self-storage (1,060,283 square feet, 41 properties) and raised $21mm in investor capital and now operate it with their team of 38.

We see it from time to time. The investors who make it past that first deal operate 100x different moving forward.

StripMallGuy (Twitter)

Trent has a small team that has acquired over $50mm of strip malls all across the country.The best part is that his account is anonymous.

Yep 🤣

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